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Excellent choice Gourmet Walking Tour
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I encourage anyone thinking of doing this tour. Highly recommended. It is a perfect combination: typical gastronomy in traditional places, history of the city of Alicante and a pleasant walk. The guide is very professional and knows how to transmit not only his great knowledge but also the Alicante culture in various aspects. Congratulations!
Carmen G.
Gastronomy + culture, the best way to get to know Alicante
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Unbeatable combination of culture and gastronomy of Alicante that takes place in just a couple of hours. With the gastronomic tour, I was able to see places in Alicante that, even though I was from the city, I had never visited. A 100% recommended tour! and also at a very good price!
Excellent guide and gastronomic tour
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I definitely recommend this gastronomic tour through the city of Alicante. You can visit different sites with typical products of the area and try them. Everyone is very friendly and our guide was great, Arturo. Congratulations on your explanations!
Paola R.
Small but beautiful
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It is a very small city, you can get to know it in just 4 days. It has everything to stay and live. The Mediterranean, the urban area, the commercial area and the best of the castle of S. Barbara. Incredible views. Do not miss it!
Norka S.
Alicante Gourmet Walking Tour
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Excellent guide and very good ride, a must see. I recommend starting at 10 in the morning, and doing it with a group.